note from Jellybones editors

The Tangram Puzzle
A track-by-track interview with sound collage rapper Material Girl about his latest release, Tangram, and his thoughts on online music community culture.
The Editors | June 22, 2020
A Haunted Village and its Marketplace
An interview with ambient artist Lilien Rosarian about her 2019 release, a day in bel bruit, depicting an abandoned village and its glitch ambience.
The Editors | June 09, 2020
Jeff Rosenstock and Protest Punk
An interview with Jeff Rosenstock about police brutality protests, his recent album NO DREAM, affecting change in immovable institutions, and more.
The Editors | June 09, 2020
Sadness's Hypnotic Atmospheres
An interview with Damián Antón Ojeda from atmospheric black metal project Sadness about their latest album, Alluring the distant eye.
The Editors | May 22, 2020
From Calgary to Montreal - From Women to Cindy Lee
An interview with Patrick Flegel, former member of Calgary indie band Women, about his current drag music project, Cindy Lee.
The Editors | April 30, 2020