We will be committing ourselves to focusing on African-American artists as well as other artists of African ethnic origin for the next month. We will be producing articles as normal, if not more often. Thank you.

Recent Articles:

A track-by-track interview with sound collage rapper Material Girl about his latest release, Tangram, and his thoughts on online music community culture.
Young Fenimore Lee | June 22, 2020
An interview with ambient artist Lilien Rosarian about her 2019 release, a day in bel bruit, depicting an abandoned village and its glitch ambience.
Young Fenimore Lee | June 09, 2020
An interview with Jeff Rosenstock about police brutality protests, his recent album NO DREAM, affecting change in immovable institutions, and more.
Young Fenimore Lee | June 09, 2020
An interview with Damián Antón Ojeda from atmospheric black metal project Sadness about their latest album, Alluring the distant eye.
Young Fenimore Lee | May 22, 2020
An interview with Patrick Flegel, former member of Calgary indie band Women, about his current drag music project, Cindy Lee.
Young Fenimore Lee | April 30, 2020