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Young Fenimore Lee
Pictured: Henry, their pet Jellybone
Young is the child of two Korean musicians and was born and raised in the Chicago metropolitan area. They identify as queer and non-binary. They're currently going through emocore/screamo essentials, and they love indie rock, indie folk, emo, post-hardcore, and math rock. Feel free to take a look at their rateyourmusic account, their, and this collage of the 100 albums they consider most personally important.
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Ali Cyrus Saeed
Pictured: Willow, his pet TV Star
Ali was born in Karachi, Pakistan and has spent most of his life in the Chicago suburbs. A guitarist and avid fan of independent and alternative rock music, he’s particularly fond of auxiliary percussion, analog synths, sloppy guitars, repetitive outros, and long sentences.
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Suhas Sastry
Pictured: Hermann, his pet Ghosting
Suhas is a heavy metal fan from Virginia. Death metal and crust punk catch his ear, but trad metal owns his heart.