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imitation, memory, and internet culture

An “Internet meme” is a form or concept that spreads via the Web, whether through email forwarding, viral videos, or blogs. Memes tend to lose our attention as quickly as they capture it. Although they may recede from view, memes never fully cease to exist, surviving in the backs of our minds and in the ever-expanding network of servers that make up the Internet. In the realm of digital memory, what seems to have disappeared may simply be lying dormant in the recesses of a hard drive.

Does the Internet only consist of ephemera, or does it contain something more permanent? What roles do time and memory play in an ever-evolving online world? What is the relationship between passing fads and enduring icons? Taking these questions as its point of departure, Memery examines the connections between memes and memory in online culture.

Memory is one of the informing principles of museums, which house and preserve works of art from the near and distant past. If memory is embedded in the structure of the Internet, then it too can serve as a repository for cultural artifacts. Museums and the Internet, however, have an uncertain relationship in the presentation and preservation of culture. What?is the?importance of having a physical encounter in a gallery when virtual tours are available online? What is the role of museums, which traditionally preserve objects, when it comes to digital art? Conflicts and compromises between physical settings and online spaces underlie much of the work in this show.

Working across a range of media, the nine artists in the show mine the Internet – drawing on YouTube videos, pictures from Flickr or Tumblr, website? ogos, social networking sites, and webchat programs. Some appropriate and reconfigure existing content; others translate intangible data into physical objects; others assemble elements into archives or catalogs.

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