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webcam blogging manifesto

both residual nostalgia of analog art forms and science fictional predilections towards modernist utopian futures prevent the acceptance of 21st century colloquial or “convenience” technology as a medium. the internet is neither an agent for ted mooney’s prophetic information sickness nor does it numb tradition intellectual or artistic pursuits in favor of 140 characters worth of uselessness. the editable quality of the internet allows for an endeavor towards the idea of a “living” work of art, as well as work that favors process and meaning over plastic aesthetics. the accessibility of webcams, cell phones, etc. allow for content to be uploaded at a rate that parallels the speed at which we download. our aggressively visual world supplies our demand to be constantly stimulated, but our conception of “art” online is still not democratic in that it favors an elite group of people with access to certain resources and audiences.

using webcams, cellphones, and other new communication media to photo blog acknowledges the importance of social changes in authorship, language, privacy, etc. it works towards redefining the internet as a both a dynamic medium and mode for new collective/transformative/immersive art. art is made more complex by the bigger context of online presence, and we are introduced to implications of “cyber-mimesis”.

consider: fashion bloggers with access to expensive clothes, expensive cameras, and expensive editing tools are made popular by these things and then further alienated from their platform by industry attention and celebrity privileges. although at first blogs appear to be points of view independent from economic agents, they are now a large part of fashion’s (to use leslie sklair’s terminology) cultural-ideological sphere controlled by transnational media and advertising. this, in turn, dictates the subcultural hegemony of fashion and/or personal style blogs. fashion bloggers become personas as opposed to people.

webcam blogging and the use of informal modes of expression work towards both creating a new perspective and eliminating the hierarchy between art, culture, and social interaction.


hairy hair

junya watanabe f/w 11


stuff i can’t afford

featuring the santa monica wasteland

last but not least, this AMAZING GAULTIER MESH BODYSUIT


this post brought to you by the color PINK

until the light takes us

james of jimmy d emailed me about children of vision and the video (by oliver rose) for his f/w 2011 collection until the light takes us. i actually watched the short drunk at 4 am after a thwarted night of partying and cuddling with cats, with all the lights off and no sound because my roommate was sleeping. the backing track is pretty cool (and the designer did tell me to listen to it LOUD), but the smoky ethereal quality of the movie in silence is also crazy mesmerizing. got to love a fashion-oriented video that’s about the visual possibilities of the medium, not to mention the mood and the thought process behind the collection, without just being a short about clothes.

i love the extreme vertical of the dress alice is wearing with the horizontal strap across the chest and then the diagonal of the body harness. and the look before that, with the perfect curve of the necklace, to the horizontal, to the free straps that hang around the model’s legs. pretty crazy about this collection as a whole. simplicity at it’s best, when the designer can capture that thing in visual arts where your eyes are drawn in and led in specific ways around the canvas–something j.d. has no doubt done effortlessly


early 2000s tacky